Why Jacksun Easy Biotech?

Jacksun Easy Biotech is dedicated to providing products to ensure quick and accurate advancement of scientific research and development. Right now our company provides solutions for problems encountered in biology related research: in genetics, reproduction, clinical medicine and clinical medicolegal to name a few. Preparation of samples is one of the biggest time consumers in labs, and it is Jacksun Easy Biotech's mission to obtain precise results quickly and easily. We also provide reagents that facilitate the reuse of costly antibodies and expedite the tedious reprobing of Western membranes.

Jacksun Easy Biotech produces kits that provide a easy, quick and precise approach to obtain results. Our kits are simple and safe to use. They have undergone rigorous laboratory testing to confirm expedience and accuracy. To get more detailed information, please visit our product page, or click on the link below to try out our kits for yourself.


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